LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Every year, an average of 38 children die of heat-related deaths from being left in an unattended vehicle.

"When their core temperature reaches 107 degrees, that's when we will see brain damage, convulsions and death," said Holly Terry with Arkansas Children's Hospital.

Once turned off on a 90 degree-day, an air-conditioned car can only take little over two minutes to reach the outside temperature, and it only goes up from there.

"Every nine minutes it heats up fifteen degrees," said Terry.

Mandy Richardson with Centers for Youth and Family said parents should plan a backup with the child's education provider.

"If you're child doesn't show up on time as they normally would in the mornings [make sure] that they have a process put in place to give you a call. Just to say 'Hey, Miller didn't come in this morning. Is she at home sick? That could trigger you to remember," said Richardson.

Along with putting a needed item like a phone or purse next to the car seat, Terry has another suggestion.

"Leave a stuffed animal in the car seat when it's not being used, and when the baby's not in car seat. Take the stuffed animal and place it in the front seat and that will give you a reminder that the car seat is in use," said Terry.

For those wanting a tech solution, there are electronic alarm systems available for purchase.

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