LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - War Memorial Amusement Park opened in 1946 and would close down in 1991. In the almost 50 years of its existence, it entertained and enthralled Baby Boomers and their children.

Now, of course, it's a parking lot, but you can still see some of its attractions at new locations. "Laughing Sally" is at the front of Loca Luna Restaurant. The "Hump" carousel, so-called because it gave you the feeling of going over humps as you rode it, can now be seen at the Little Rock Zoo. But, there was always a question of what happened to the smaller of the two War Memorial Carousels. Not anymore.

It has now resurfaced at beautiful Camp Aldersgate. It is completely refurbished, looks like new, and is bringing smiles to the kids who experience that wonderful summer camp.

On July 9, it was officially opened during a live broadcast on THV 11. Joyce Peck and the Peck family donated the carousel they bought at auction back in 1999.

A piece of Little Rock history came back to life, bringing joy once again. What a comeback story!

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