COCONUT CREEK, FL (CNN/WSVN) -- Drivers usually take their cars to dealerships for car repairs, but a woman in south Florida had a different kind of problem. Her pet boa constrictor slithered inside the paneling in her Mini Cooper.

Lots of service calls come into Vista BMW in Coconut Creek but the one that came in Monday morning will likely go down as one of the strangest. Mitch Packer says, "I got the phone call and my son and my wife are Herpetologist and we've had snakes as pets, so everybody in the dealership knows to call me when there is a snake involved. I got a call from a service advisor who said, 'I have a customer with their pet snake stuck in the car.'"

Yep you read right; a customer's precious pet was MIA in her Mini. Packer says, "I thought oh no, I don't like snakes."

Not quite a monster, but this was no mini snake either. Packer says, "It's not every day you see a 7-foot snake getting pulled out of the back of a car."

She told the staff she travels everywhere with her snake, but this time slipped it into the trunk without her carrier. When she opened it, her scaly pal has slipped behind the body panel.

Chris Braun performing the delicate reptile rescue as Jim Cocchiola caught it all on cell phone video.

The boa constrictor's confinement in the compact car didn't last long, but this tale will likely get quite a bit of mileage.

The owner of the snake was too shy to speak on camera, but luckily her and her rascally reptilian have now been reunited.

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