LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Chris Olsen with Botanica Gardens stopped by "THV 11 This Morning" to share some great summer decorating ideas that are both decorative and practical.

Recycled Wine Bottles With a New Purpose

Wine Bottle Tabletop Tiki Torch:

If you're hosting an outdoor party, these Wine Bottle Tabletop Tiki Torches are a must! Super fun and easy!!! You will need 3/8" washers which you may find at your local hardware store, Tike Torch refill wicks, Tiki Torch fuel, and a hot glue gun. Simply fill the wine bottle with Tiki Torch fuel about 3/4 full. Hot glue a washer to the top of the wine bottle. Place the Tiki Torch wick inside bottle. Light and enjoy! You may also fill the wine bottle with small rocks for appearance as well as taking up space (less fuel)!


Wine bottle
3/8" washers
Tiki Torch refill wicks
Tike Torch fuel
Hot glue gun/ hot glue

Seashell Wine Stopper:

Add a punch of color to your evening or use as a hostess gift, create these bright Seashell Wine Stoppers! Purchase any wine stopper or cork. Finding colorful wine stoppers will make for a fun wine stopper! Purchase seashells at a local craft store or use ones you have collected at the beach. Choose a shell that will fit nicely on top of the wine stopper. Once you have chosen the shell, choose any color acrylic paint to paint entire shell. Add stripes, polka dots, or leave it plain. Once the paint has dried, simply hot glue the shell to the wine stopper. Now you have a fun addition to your party or give one as a hostess gift!


Wine stopper/ cork
Acrylic paint (any color)
Hot glue gun/ hot glue

From Drab to Fab

Terracotta Pot Wreath:

Whatever season it may be, create a Terracotta Pot Wreath for your front door, garden gate, or simply for decoration. This fun project only needs a few items to make! You will need a grapevine wreath (any size), small terracotta pots (number depends on size of wreath-you will cluster them together), wire, wire cutters, and moss! Lay the grapevine wreath flat on the table. Take a terracotta pot and thread a piece of wire through the bottom drain hole and around the side of the terracotta pot. Twist the wire together at the top of the terracotta pot leaving enough wire to wrap through part of the grapevine wreath. Attach the terracotta pot to the wreath by threading remaining wire and twisting to secure. Repeat these steps until the wreath is completely filled with terracotta pots. Arrange the terracotta pots in different directions to add dimension. Leave a few terra-cotta pots in an upright position to fill with fresh flowers or herbs! Tuck moss throughout the grapevine wreath to cover any exposed wire. This lovely Terracotta Pot Wreath will perk up any front door or garden gate especially when filled with fresh flowers or herbs!


-Grapevine wreath (any size)
-Small terracotta pots (number depends of size of wreath)
-Wire cutters
-Fresh flowers or herbs/ potting soil

Fabric Wrapped Terracotta Pots:

For any special occasion, birthdays, 4th of July, or just for fun, these Fabric Wrapped Terracotta Pots will be a fun addition! Choose fabric according to your desired theme. Many fabric stores have an array of already cut fabric squares ready to go. Lay the chosen fabric flat on a table. Brush Mod Podge on the outside of the terracotta pot. Mod Podge acts as the glue as well as the protective coat. Lay the terracotta pot (glued side down) onto the fabric. Wrap the fabric over the terracotta pot and smooth with your fingers. Repeat this step until the entire terracotta pot is covered with the fabric. There will be excess fabric on the top and bottom of the terracotta pot. Turn the terracotta pot over (top side down) and cut off any excess fabric leaving about an inch of fabric. Cut slits in the fabric every 2 inches or so. Brush Mod Podge over bottom of the terracotta pot. Smooth fabric over the bottom of the pot. Repeat this step for the top portion of the terracotta pot. You may leave the inside of the terracotta pot "unfinished" if you will be planting or covering up this area. If your terracotta pot will be used as decoration, you may add grosgrain ribbon to hide the fabric inside the terracotta pot. Brush the entire outside area of the fabric terracotta pot with Mod Podge as a protective coat. Fill with fresh plants, decorations, or use as a utensil holder for parties...the list can keep going according to your imagination!


-Terracotta pots (any size)
-Fabric of choice
-Mod Podge
-Foam brush

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