PLYMOUTH, MA (CNN/WBZ) -- Acting on instinct and adrenaline, a young woman in Massachusetts rescued her father who was pinned under a jeep. She quickly tapped into strength she didn't know she had.

Adam Simmons was working on the brakes of his daughter's jeep liberty in the driveway of their Plymouth home when suddenly the jacks gave, the car buckled and the rotor landed on Adam's right leg. He says, "All of a sudden, it collapsed towards me and landed on my leg, pinning me right to the ground."

The routine fix-up had gone wrong in a split second. He says, "Very painful, very. I was screaming for help."

His 22-year-old daughter, Rachael, was inside the house and heard her dad yelling. She says, "I ran out of the house and I saw him under my car, like right under the...the wheel was off, but like under the medal parts."

Adam says, "She said 'what do I do?' and I said 'help me, help me' because it was just so much pain of it being it being pinned down like that."

Rachael says, "But I just went and lifted like right under here and just lifted it off so he could get free."

Paramedics arrived, x-rays were taken at the hospital and doctors told Adam it could have been much worse the longer he had been pinned.

Adam says he's worked on the breaks of several cars many times in the past and has no idea what went wrong this time around. The lacerations should heal and Rachael says she only has a sore back. Adam says, "Quick thinking, right away, strong, the game for me, because I don't know what would have happened if she wasn't here to rescue me."

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