LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A day after Exxon cited an independent study claiming manufacturer defects caused the rupture of the Pegasus Pipeline Mayflower residents responded.

No matter the report, study or new information, Amber Bartlett and her kids remain without a home.

The Mayflower residents spent six weeks in a hotel, then an apartment, and are now renting another home in Mayflower. She said Exxon's statement about what caused the spill doesn't make her feel any better. Exxon said a study by Hurst Research claimed manufacturing defects caused the Pegasus Pipeline to rupture March 29.

"We've been told that it could take a couple of weeks, but honestly, we've been told a couple of weeks for probably a month or longer," said Bartlett.

Although money would ease the burden for Bartlett, she said there are some losses her family will never regain from the spill. Bartlett told THV 11 she's for the most part only dealt with third party companies in getting compensated.

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