Russellville, Ark. (KTHV) - An appeal bond hearing is set for Monday for A.J. Cody, 26. Cody murdered Lee Britton, 65, of London, after he claimed Britton molested his young daughter.

"There were just a lot of things to go in with that decision that a higher court needs to look at," said Tiffany Kilburn, Cody's sister.

The hearing is set for Monday at 9 a.m. at the Pope County courthouse. Cody's family hopes a judge will set a bond, allowing him to be released from jail.

"It's very important that we get this bond. It could take up to a year for this to get to an appeals court," said Kilburn.

Kilburn said the family has secured 2,000 signatures on paper and 2,000 signatures onlineto be submitted to Governor Mike Beebe for consideration for a pardon should the appeal not go in Cody's favor.

The controversial case spurred emotions from people on both sides of the issue. Britton's family did not want their loved ones' memory tarnished. There was an outpour of support for Cody, with some people sympathizing with his actions after he said he received word of the alleged molestation.

The jury perhapssent the message that Cody should not have taken the law into his own hands.

"And I understand that accept for the fact that if everything [evidence] would have been able to be presented to the jury, it would have presented a little different side of the story," said Kilburn.

Meanwhile, Kilburn said Cody's young children miss their father.

"It's very hard. We have a little girl who wants to see her daddy and a little boy who doesn't understand," said Kilburn.

The Pope County prosecutor handling the case said the Britton family has been notified of the appeal bond hearing. He said after reviewing the case, he sees no immediate reversible errors, but said Cody has the right to appeal the case.

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