LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Little Rock police are warning some neighborhoods of a burglary scheme that starts with something many of us do every day--take the dog out for a walk.

A neighbor in the Woodlands Edge Subdivision in West Little Rock showed THV 11 what her home surveillance cameras captured last week when these burglars struck a home just a few houses down.

"Yes, it has the whole neighborhood riled up," a Woodlands Edge Subdivision resident said.

"If they did come back, I think all of us are aware of what the vehicle is," another neighbor said.

That vehicle isa blue mini-van that was captured in the surveillance video. After a while, the video shows a woman emerging and walking a dog up to a home. Police said after finding no one there, the woman made a phone call to her accomplices. The mini-van returned and passed the home initially but later came back and picked up three people running from the home.

The family that livesat the home told THV 11 off-camera that their teenage son was home alone when this all went down last week. They say their son ended up smashing a bowl against one of the suspect's heads before they all took off.

The family said the suspects didn't get away with anything, and neighbor Louis Nalley said he was there when police arrived.

"We're aware of it, and of course, we're trying to keep a watch as well," Nalley said.

Nalley did say that he's not surprised about the "dog-walking" strategy here.

"It would be a good cover for this area. There are lots of walkers," Nalley said, but he feels that strategy will eventually catch up to them. "Something will happen, and they will make a mistake, and they will get caught."

Police are also warning folks in the St. Charles and Village of Wellington neighborhoods to be on the look out for this burglary scheme. The detective on this case said that there were five burglaries in those areas last month. The detective also said he's working to get a license plate on this blue mini-van but urges neighbors to pass it along if they see anything suspicious.

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