LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Mobile devices are a distraction many of us can't live without. Couples spoke with THV 11 about their technology addictions, and for some, it weighs heavily on their relationship.

"I stay on the phone all the time, or out like when we're driving or going somewhere, he's fussing with the phone. That kind of irritates me a little bit," said Frenecia McDaniel, who shares a smart phone with her boyfriend. "It really is addictive you know? Being on the phone, and searching the internet, doing all of that."

Little Rock divorce attorney Bonnie Robertson

said more and more of her clients blame technology and social media for breaking up their marriages.

"I think they do make things worse," Robertson said. "I think it makes it easier to stray from your marriage."

Some families told THV they've instituted a "no phone" policy during meals.

"If we're out for dinner, sometimes we'll play a little game where we'll put them on the table and not touch them," said David Matthews.

For other couples, it takes more self restraint to break the habit. A recent nationwide survey by

Lookout Mobile Security

found more than 60 percent of us can't go an hour without checking our phone. Thirty percent of those polled said they regularly use their phone when they're eating with another person.

Longtime marriage counselor

Dr. Richard Miller

has simple advice for his clients: Put the phone down and have a conversation.

Miller said an increasing number of therapy sessions involve a fight between a couple that started over a text message or social media post.

"It basically interferes with the relationship and impedes with what people want the most, and that is to better communicate," added Miller.

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