SPANISH FORT, AL (CNN) -- The Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat have taken part, and so have college football programs like LSU and Nebraska. We're talking about the Harlem shake dance craze. But it's probably not something you expect to come out of a retirement community, right? Wrong.

Patti Skeele hosts a blasé, black and white bingo game at Westminster Village in Spanish Fort. But eventually, we have a winner, Bill Taube and he gets up to do a celebratory dance. Pretty nice moves, huh? Not bad since he'll turn 100 in September. He says, "I had to jump up, and then start prancing around with my arms up and I thought that was right silly. That wasn't quite natural for me. I don't know if I did well or not."

Taube is joined by his neighbors and Westminster workers. It's a Harlem shake video unlike any other.

The retirement community got the idea from a resident's grandson. They plan to shoot a music video for their upcoming 30th anniversary, but as a little practice they first decided to shake it, Harlem style.

This group hasn't danced together since they shot the video roughly a month ago, but they've been working on some moves since.

Taube has been in Baldwin County since 1916. Education has been his life, returning to the school he attended, Robertsdale, to teach. He also worked for mobile county, and served as assistant principal at vigor.

Now, other things occupy his life. Patti Skeele says, "Mr. Bill is Westminster Village's treasure. He line dances, he goes to exercise most every day, he paints - he's a portrait painter, he plays the piano for Vespers, when we have a dance, he asks all the women to dance and he always has a twinkle in his eye. He's an inspiration to everybody, so who else could we feature?"

He says, "It was great. I didn't know what to expect. When they told me to hop up, that surprised me."

All 300 residents of Westminster know Taube. They may call him Bill, some Mr. Bill, but he has had an impact on each and every person who comes through the doors.

He'll tell you he has had, and continues to have, a wonderful life. What you should gather from him is that your age is just a number, not a state of mind.

So what's next? That 30th anniversary music video will be to "Home" by Phillip Phillips. They're shooting next month and it'll air in October.

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