LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Up and down Little Rock streets, Daniel Lilly has walked dogs hundreds of times over the years. Lilly is a familiar face in downtown little rock, and he is a man that many claim is a dog whisperer.

"It is not a leisurely stroll at all," said Lilly.

Lilly's passion for dog walking began nonchalantly nine years ago while watching Oprah.

"She said get a dog, get a hobby, basically just get off your tookus and do something," said Lilly.

Lilly quickly realized his dogs responded well to command, so he decided to expand and start a business.

"217 dogs across the nine years I've been doing it," counted Lilly.

Lilly walks dogs for downtown pet owners and lots of them.

"It's easier to walk ten dogs than it is six, and it's easier to walk six than it is to walk three," said Lilly.

Janell Mason said her two golden retrievers consider Lilly part of the family.

"We got Daniel probably about two years ago to start taking our dogs out, and they literally know what time he's coming for a walk," said Mason.

The former marine keeps a steady pace and averages more than twenty miles a day.

"The busiest day ever was probably about a month ago. I had 42 walks in 24 hours," said Lilly.

Although he said the hobby does pay the bills, it's the constant greetings of love that keep Lilly walking the streets.

"Aww! It's man's best friend obviously and certainly my best friend," said Lilly.

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