SHERWOOD, Ark. (KTHV) - More than four months after a Sherwood hit-and-run killed a three-year-old boy, police made an arrest in the case.

Sherwood police issued a warranton Thursdayfor Kyisha Durham of Little Rock, and she turned herself in the next morning.

"And the plan is to plead not guilty?" THV 11's Max Seigle asked Little Rock attorney Bill James.

"Oh absolutely. When we go to circuit go, we'll plead not guilty," James said.

James went straight to the point Friday on behalf ofhis client, 27-year-old Kyisha Durham, of Little Rock.

"Well I can tell you is. Whatever happened, she didn't know she did it, and I'm not acknowledging that she did it," James said.

"It" refers to the fatal hit-and-run casethat killed 3-year-old Jaylen Diggs.The incidenthappened back in March ata Sherwood apartment complex. On Friday, police charged Durham with negligent homicide and for leaving the scene of a fatal accident without helping the victim.

"Her car was in the parking lot in that basic time period. Now, whether it was the exact time or not, we'll just have to see the video, and it's a pretty large apartment complex," James said.

After the hit-and-run, Jaylen's family moved to the Rose City neighborhood in North Little Rock. When THV 11 stopped by their home on Friday for comment, the family said thatthey were not saying anything on this latest development, based on advice from their attorney.

We did speak with Jaylan's mother back in April, and she was anxious for an arrest.

"I call every week. Twice a week--detectives, prosecuting office," Imunique Ruiz said during an April interview.

She wanted justice in her son's case, which took a turn Friday with an alleged suspect now charged.

THV 11 also called the attorney for Jaylen Diggs' family, but we were not able to get through to him.

As for Sherwood police, they said its investigation determined Durham was the driver of the red Chevy Tahoe that hit the boy. They said that car was actually registered to Durham's mother.

Durham was booked into the Sherwood police department after her arrestbut was able to bond out. Her lawyer, Bill James, believes it will probably be a couple months before her formal arraignment in Pulaski County Circuit Court.

James also said it's believed that both parties in this case know each other, but he didn't know the relationship.

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