PINE BLUFF, Ark. (KTHV) - About a month ago, the Pine Bluff Police Department took over Pine Bluff Animal Control.

Public information officer Lt. David Price said the police department's first training session was held Thursday to help officers learn how to properly care for the animals and run an animal shelter humanely.

"We're starting with customer service and how to work with the public. We need to make sure that our employees are on the same page that the police department is," Lt. Price said.

Among the topics talked about: the importance of that first impression.

Lt. Price said the merging of the shelter with the police department is a good fit.

"We decided that some of the animal control officers when they're out working in the field that they would also be an extra set of eyes for us. It seemed to be a pretty good fit for us because we work hand in hand. They do code enforcement, as far as animal control, and things like that," Price said.

The goal is to eventually make the shelter a no-kill facility.

(The two pups featured in thisstory are twins: Rock and Sandy. Both dogs areavailable for adoption at Pine Bluff Animal Control.)

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