CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) - A Conway man found the owner of a camera lost in a waterfall. The camera was recently found at Bear Creek in Pelsor, Ark., and the person who found it said it was submerged in water, but the pictures survived.

He uploaded pictures from the memory card in the hope that it would help him find the owner of the camera.

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Robert Yetter thought he would never get to see his camera again. It all began when Corey Shelman and his friend Michael Mayo decided to explore some waterfalls in Bear Creek in Pelsor, Ark..

"As I was hiking, went across some rocks and realized there was a camera that was lodged in the rocks of the creek bed," Corey Shelman explained.

Being the videographer he is, this naturally caught his attention. So, he picked it up and discovered there was a memory card still inside.

"This camera has probably been submerged for over a year. It's amazing that we were actually able to pull footage off of this card," Shelman added.

That footage is what helped him with the search. He uploaded a picture of the person whom he believed owned the camera and posted it on Facebook. Twenty-four hours after posting that picture, he received over 4,000 shares.

Yetter's daughter came across the picture online and realized it was her dad. More than a year later, this photographer was reunited with his first love and will get to see the images he captured seconds before his camera fell into Bear Creek.

"I know that if I lost my camera, I would want someone to do the same for me," Shelman explained.

This story proves the power of social media and that good people do still exist.

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