UKRAIN (CNN) -- Nearly one hundred women took part in a 100-meter stiletto race in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev on Saturday.

The high temperature of 35 degrees Celsius didn't stop the racers' enthusiasm in the event.

The rules required women to put on no less than 9-centimeter-high heels, but some even wore as heels as high as 15 centimeters to show off their agility. "I don't wear high-heeled shoes on normal days. I like sports shoes as they're comfortable and convenient. But today i still feel convenient in high-heeled shoes," said one participant.

"I think it's a good activity. Women are not often seen to run on streets in high-heeled shoes, especially with such a height. I must make good preparations," said another participant.

Some racers whose shoes slipped off during race still persevered and picked up their shoes and gracefully walked to the finish line.

The fastest runner only took 15 seconds to run the whole hundred meters. The winner in the race won a car as a prize.

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