UNDATED (CNN) -- Tightrope walker Adili Wuxor finished a 116-meter-high wire performance in Guangzhou, capital of south China's Guangdong Province on Saturday night.

Adili Wuxor, one of China's most celebrated tightrope walkers, started his performance at 20:10. It's his second performance that day, following an earlier one that started at 17:00.

Compared to the daytime performance, low visibility and neon lights made this second performance more challenging.

The 32-year-old acrobat, carrying a 7-meter-long balancing pole, walked on a 506-meter-long, 33-millimeter-thick steel wire installed between the Canton Tower and Haixinsha Island.

The wire started from a 116-meter-tall platform on the 23rd floor of Guangzhou's landmark Canton Tower, and ended on an 80-meter-tall sail sculpture in front of the city's Haixinsha Stadium.

In addition to walking, Wuxor also did other stunts, such as sitting on the wire, standing on one foot, and even dancing on the wire.

Wuxor and his two disciples, who are from China's Uygur ethnic minority, gave a joint performance where the disciples lay down on the wire and Wuxor walked pass them by stepping on their shoulders.

He said his performance has brought his dream into reality - building a bridge of communication to connect Xinjiang and Guangzhou people.

"I thought of walking on a wire with a torch between Haixinsha Island and Canton Tower when the Guangzhou Asian Games opened. Today the dream comes true although I didn't hold a torch. But I held a torch to bridge the communication between Xinjiang and Guangdong people," he said.

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