ROSE BUD, Ark. (KTHV) - It's a nightmare few of us could imagine, waking up to men tying your hands, your feet and putting a gun to your head. It happened to an 89-year-old great-grandmother in Cleburne County. Now THV 11 has learned five people are in custody.

Annie Jewell Brooks had just laid down for bed Saturday night alone in her rural home in Rose Bud. Minutes later, she opened her eyes to find what she thought would be the last moments of her life.

"I thought 'Well, if he shoots me, it will be over with,'" recalled Brooks.

In her 89 years, Annie Jewell Brooks said she has never experienced anything as terrifying as what happened to her Saturday night.

"I saw a light going around in the house, and it woke me up, and the next thing I knew, these boys was over me tying me up. I screamed, and they said be quiet, 'We're not going to hurt you,' but then after that, he showed me his gun and pressed it on the back of my head," continued Brooks. "They asked me if I had any tape. I told them no; they asked me if I had any pills, and I told them no."

With her hands and feet tied, Brooks said several masked men began rummaging through her home Saturday night looking for valuables taking a television, several coins, her keys and wallet.

Brooks said the men asked for the PIN number to her debit card. She instantly recalled a speech Sheriff Marty Moss had given at her church warning people not to give out their PIN numbers. She said she gave them a fake number instead.

"They said 'Now don't you move. Don't you call anybody for ten minutes, and if you do, I'm coming back,'" added Brooks.

After waiting 20 minutes, a terrified and confused Brooks called her daughter-in-law for help.

"It's terrible. You just can't imagine how awful it was," she said.

With deputies patrolling her county road all night long, Brooks said she now feels safe but hopes the men responsible don't get away with it.

"I want them found, and I want them punished to the fullest extent of what they can do to them, and I don't want them turned loose," Brooks concluded.

Brooks added that she is very pleased with all the work the Cleburne County Sheriff's Office has done. Five people have been arrested in this case, but authorities said they won't be releasing any more information until tomorrow.

Brooks believes the robbers used a credit card to get in through the back door of her home.

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