SIDNEY, OH (CNN/WHIO) -- An Ohio man orders a gun safe on the internet and gets more than he asked for; more than 200 pounds of drugs.

The safe is empty now, but wasn't back on june 19 when it was delivered to the home of a Shelby County man who ordered it online.

It was loaded 285 pounds of marijuana in ten bales, probably direct from Mexico where his safe was manufactured. Shelby Co. Sheriff John Lenhart says, "We had a Shelby county citizen who called and said that I had ordered a gun safe and when it was delivered I opened it up and there were things in there that I did not order."

The marijuana has a street value at over $420,000. Lenhart says, "The unusual thing about it is, that you need to know, it was made, as I mentioned, in Mexico. It was made in Mexico and it was transported into the state. The driver, we worked with the DEA, the driver who initially brought it into the state he's missing. We're looking for him, and my guess is the bad guys are looking for him too."

While deputies waited nearly two months to release information about the pot, the case is not closed. Federal, state and county officials are still attempting to back track the load.

Several layers of special paper and aluminum kept the marijuana from being detected until found in Shelby County.

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