WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Former tight end Marv Fleming says today's meeting is like another Super Bowl for him. More than four decades after the 1972 Miami Dolphins finished what has remained the only perfect NFL season, the White House has invited the team to a championship ceremony.

This group doesn't get together very often, but this is no high school reunion for these players.

The Miami Dolphins will meet President Barack Obama at the White House, later today, in a ceremony celebrating the NFL's only perfect season. Paul Warfield says, "We accomplished an awful lot 41 years ago, but to be greeted by the president of the United States is very, very special."

In return, the Dolphins will honor the president with this leather-bound book commemorating the 1972 season and the Dolphins win over the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII.

President Barack Obama's invitation follows one he extended to the 1985 Chicago Bears, two years ago. His hometown team missed their opportunity to visit the White House amid the challenger disaster.

The '72 Dolphins missed their chance, because along with the Watergate scandal, the tradition hadn't been established yet.

Former head coach Don Shula just appreciates the honor. He says, "To think that 40 years later that that great accomplishment is going to be remembered by the president of the United States, that's pretty impressive."

There are reports a few players say they won't attend because they don't agree with the president's policies, just as Baltimore Ravens center Matt Birk and Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas did earlier this year.

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