PERRYVILLE, Ark. (KTHV) - Perry County investigators arrested three people after an extensive drug investigation.

Over the last last six months, special agents have been conducting an undercover 'drug buy' program in an attempt to address the increasing drug problem that deputies noticed in Perry County.

The program was intended to identify and arrest individuals who are manufacturing and distributing drugs. On Thursday, the Perry County Sheriff's Department executed three arrest warrants.

Those arrested include Daniel Hammett, 75, of Pleasant Valley; Teresa Harrison, 52, of Casa; and Olivia McKinney, 36, of Bigelow. Hammett was arrested and charged with Delivery of Methamphetamines, Hydrocodone's and Xanax's as well as Maintaining a Drug Premise. Harrison was arrested and charged with the Delivery of Hydrocodone's. McKinney was arrested and charged with Delivery of Methamphetamines.

All three subjects are currently out on bond and are awaiting trial.

Officers are still actively working the investigation and expect further arrests.

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