LITTLE ROCK (KTHV) - In a THV 11 update, Little Rock fire officials are now saying that arson is to blame for a house fire that happened Monday night.

Nobody was hurt and the home was vacant at the time,but the big question now is who did it.

Jamie Tribble is thinking about the fire next door and who may be responsible for it.

"It is unsettling, now we are on the look-out even more," Tribble said.

The arson at the foreclosed home that fire officials say was vacant for a year in Southwest Little Rock troubles Tribble,who returnedhome tothesituationlate Monday afternoon.

"We saw the street loaded down with fire trucks and weren't able to get into our driveway, then we found out what happened," Tribble said.

Little Rock fire officials said the arson involved someone burning a pile of trash inside the home. While they don't know who committed the crime, neighborsalong Moore Drive saidthat they hadseen at least one person coming and going from the home over the past month.

"(He) kind of went up to the door, was looking around the windows and things like that and then he would kind of disappear," Tribble said.

"We don't have a description of anyone, we don't have any suspects, and right now the investigation is ongoing," Captain Randy Hickmon said.

Captain Hickmon did confirm reports of people staying at the home as recently as the day of the fire.

"Sometimes they're covering up their activity by setting a fire, sometimes it's just malicious, but no, we don't feel at this time there's any danger to anyone," Captain Hickmon said.

Anyone with information about this case should call the Little Rock Fire Department.