LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - The stretch of road between Two Rivers Park and Pinnacle Mountain in West Little Rock has become a popular route for cyclists. Over the weekend, someone apparently set out tacks to sabotage riders headed along the stretch of road that connects the two popular parks.

"It's pretty clear they're targeting cyclists out there," said Jim Rankin, who got a flat tire from a tack on Sunday. "I was going down the road at a good clip and then heard the telltale 'clack-clack-clack' on my back wheel, and I knew what it was because I had heard some rumors of some tacks out there, and when stopped I had a tack in my tire and had a flat and had to change it, pretty frustrating."

Flat-headed tacks strewn all over the bike lanes along that stretch of road caused headaches for cyclists throughout the weekend. One group riding for a Lou Gehrig's Disease benefit was hit especially hard.

"We had multiple people, not only coming in for repairs, but we just heard a lot of people that we never saw who couldn't even do the event because their bikes were just immobilized with that many holes," said Chainwheel Co-Owner Patrick Barron. "Typically with tacks, there's really no good answer because there's a lot of them, you could get 3, 4, 5 tacks per tire, and nobody's going to carry enough gear for that. Your day's over, no way you're riding out of that deal so your day's pretty much over. You're on a cell phone most likely."

Both Barron and Rankin agreed that the tacks could have had much more serious consequences.

"Somebody's basically trying to not only inconvenience you, but it definitely could have hurt you," added Barron.

"It's frightening that someone is that displeased with the cyclists to take this step, to apparently intentionally target us by putting those tacks out there," said Rankin. "It made me move out of the cycling lane, which is what we're supposed to use to be good cyclists, into the traffic lane... We really have no choice if it comes down to an issue of personal safety, and so if we have to use the traffic lanes in those areas where we suspect there may be tacks we really have no choice."

It was unclear what the motive was behind putting all those tacks in the bicycle lanes.

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