SHULE, CHINA (CBS) -- A 127-year-old lady Almihan Sayit from northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has been crowned the country's oldest person by the Gerontological Society of China (GSC).

Born on June 25, 1886, the Chinese super centenarian lives in Shule County of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. She got married in 1903 and now she has nearly 40 grandchildren.

The old lady is always cheerful. "I'm happy that you have come to see me. There is nothing in the family that makes me upset. My children treat me very well and they love and respect me," said Sayit.

The old lady said that she always loves children and often plays with them.

She is still healthy enough to take care of herself. "I can take care of myself and I can even walk a long distance," said Sayit.

Although she cannot do heavy work, she still manages to do some daily chores like feeding chickens.

The old lady has a good appetite. She said she doesn't like drinking hot or warm water, but prefers to drink the cool water fetched directly from a well in their courtyard.

She has always kept a simple lifestyle and an optimistic attitude toward life, which has kept her away from hospital.

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