LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Take the headache out of dealing with doctors. These four time-saving strategies will get you on the fast track.

Check out the full list from Real Simple: Shortcut Solutions to Health-Care Problems

1. See an open-access doctor - Some physicians have started offering their patients same-day appointments instead of scheduling weeks or months in advance. This discourages double-booking and unclogs wait time.

2. Fill out forms beforehand - Ask the office to fax or e-mail any forms a few days before your visit. Bring them with you to the appointment, completed.

3. Avoid the busiest times - Nab the first appointment of the day. Doctors tend to start on a schedule, but get behind because it's impossible to predict how much time each patient will need. Days to avoid: Mondays, Fridays, and the days before and after holidays.

4. Call ahead - Most receptionists are happy to tell you if the doctor is on time and, if not, how much later you should arrive. And if you do get stuck in a packed waiting room, it's ok to ask if you have time to run an errand without losing your place.