We are pumped to have a new and improved high school sports website, powered by USA TODAY. This should help you navigate the new site and answer questions about it.

The beauty about this site is that it looks the same on your desktop computer, tablet, and even smartphone. So these answers apply to them all!

There are a couple of simple things to do before you even get started:

1: First thing ... REGISTER! Click this link

( to register on our site. You'll need to register to upload pics and video. It only takes 30 seconds to register.

2: Bookmark this page to your computer, tablet, phone, etc:

Now onto the questions:

How do I get the scores?
Go to the main page you bookmarked ( ), click on 'Football', then 'Scores and Schedules.' They'll be updating during and after the game.

We will also text out the complete list of scores each Friday night. To sign up, click here and choose 'THVSports:

How can I upload my pics?
Click on this link: or choose 'Share Your Photos' from the High School Football homepage.

Then you'll choose your school and sport, then click 'Upload.'

(You'll have to login using that email address from Step 1.)

From there you'll choose your pic - from your phone or desktop.

Simply add in a quick caption and submit it!

This should all take about 45 seconds. Pictures will appear on the site within minutes.

How can I upload my videos?

Click this link: or choose 'Upload your Football Videos' from the High School Football homepage.

Fill out the short form and browse for the video you'd like to upload.
Videos will appear on the site once they are approved.

How can I see the high school plays of the week from across the country?
Check the main site (that you have bookmarked) each Monday afternoon around 4 p.m. We'll have them front and center in the video player. There may even be an Arkansas play included!

How do I find info on my high school?
On the right side of the page, there's a box that says 'Search for Your School' - Choose your school from the list. You can also bookmark this page to keep up with your team.

Still have a question? Email it to

Go Team!

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