HONOLULU (CNN) -- A man was driving down the highway when a surfboard came flying at his car.

Jerrin Ching still can't believe it. He has some scratches on his arms and a few on his face and that's it. He says, "This is just from the initial impact of the glass. I'm just thankful to be here."

Considering he was behind the wheel of a his car when a surfboard crashed through his windshield.

The accident happened on the H1 Freeway eastbound just past the Punahou Overpass around 10:45 Sunday morning.

Jerrin, who lives in Moanalua, was on his way to pick up his friend at UH. He says, "And I was in the far left lane and there was a bus in the middle lane and all of a sudden I see this red thing come out of nowhere and turns out it was a surfboard and it just crashed through my windshield. It shattered right through. Yeah someone was watching over me."

Witnesses told police they saw the surfboard fall off the over pass then it bounced off the school bus. Jerrin says, "Then that's when it came to me, yeah kind of a freak accident."

And even though Jerrin was driving, the 2011 Honda Fit doesn't actually belong to him. He says, "Yeah this was my girlfriend's car, who was on Maui at the time. She was worried about me more than the car I guess, but her car's going to be fixed so that's the main thing."

And what's still a mystery is who the surfboard belongs to. His message to the owner is, "Can you please claim your board and I don't know, pay for the windshield or something because you almost killed me, yeah."

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