BENTON, Ark. (KTHV) - Just before you get to the railroad tracks on South Neeley in Saline County, you will see five recycle bins filled with cardboard, plastic, aluminum and metal, but somehow these items have made their way outside of the bins.

"Oh it's terrible," Bill Allen explained. "You can see there's trash here that goes all the way up the street; it's all the way across the tracks."

Saline County's solid waste management department told THV11 the county is in their regrouping stage. After the county voted against a curb-side recycling program, dropping items off at bins like these is what residents have to work with. Last year 350 tons of recyclables were collected. This year, there have been 1,500 tons collected.

Bill Allen is a resident who believes curbside recycling was not passed because no one wants to put any of the 30 haulers out of business, but he has a solution.

"We just need one trash hauler per subdivision or one section of the county if they want to keep more than one," he said.

Regional Solid Waste for Pulaski County implemented a single stream recycling program for Little Rock, North Little Rock and Sherwood last year, and they said it has been extremely successful.

As for now, all Allen can do is hope the something will be done in Saline County, so the community can not only go green but stay clean.

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