HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (KTHV) - The death of a 7-year-old Garland County girl last year is shining light on a dangerous problem, and one possible solution is Hannah's Light.

The sun hadn't come up yet, when Hannah Martin wasstruck by her school buson a rural Garland County road before sunrise on Sept. 21, 2012.

According to Garland County Sheriff's Department, the driver slowed down at Hannah Martin's bus stop, but continued on when there was no sight of the second grader.

Hannah's mom, Savannah Wilkie recalled her daughter's favorite things including dancing, singing, and acting like a little fairy all the time.

The tragic events that happened on the day of her daughter's death are what she would like to forget. Hannah's mom said her daughter was in the front yard with her when she took off into the road. The school bus struck Hannah in the dark.

Hannah's mom saidshe recalls a playful 7-year-old girl. The tragic accident left a void in the community. One that Wilkie says she hopes no other family has to endure.

Melodi Kastner, with LifeNet Ambulance said they wanted to do something to protect other students in the county.

"We didn't want to open old wounds that other were trying to heal, but we want to prevent this. We're injury prevention. We want to make people aware of what can happen," Kastner explained.

Kastner said their mission is to make students waiting for their school bus easier to see on rural county roads.

"We thought if there was some type of flashing light, not only for bus drivers, but for also vehicles passing that time of the day. It would make them more visible to them also," she added.

The idea for Hannah's Light came from paramedic Bobby King. This school year, King and other LifeNet staff will share Hannah's story and pass out lights to students across Garland County. Kastner said thisallows for Hannah's smiling face to shine on.

Wilkie says seeing the students receive Hannah's Light makes her smile.

"Just to see their excitement and know that her memory is still there and just because they passed you don't forget them," she said.

After an investigation, the school bus driver was found not to be at fault.

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