LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Former President Bill Clinton made a speech back in his home state Wednesday morning, addressing the highly-debated topic of healthcare in America.

Clinton started his speech by saying, "My healthcare work began in Arkansas," then proceeded to support the Affordable Care Act, which offers Open Enrollment to uninsured Americans on October 1, 2013. Clinton said there may be glitches in the system but there is no evidence that they can't be fixed. He continued to say that the "strength and stability of our economy ride on our ability to provide quality and affordable healthcare."

To provide support for the controversialplan, Clinton said the healthcare spending so far this year has hovered around 4% since portions of ACA have been implemented, the smallest increase in 50 years.

Knowing that the plan has strong opponents, Clinton said, "I think we should all work together to pass this law. It's better than the current system."

Many of those against the ACA do not want it implemented because health insurance will now be government-mandated, there are still questions on how the plan will affect Americans, and they are worried about overall rising costs to healthcare.

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