POPE COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) - Arkansas State Police (ASP) are working a school bus accident in Pope County.

The accident happened alongthe 3000 block ofHighway 64 in Atkins. ASP said the accident happened around 3:30 p.m.Wednesday during an afternoon school busdrop-off.

ASP says that six children and the driver of a pumper truck went toa Russellvilleafter the accident. THV 11found out that it was St. Mary's Hospital. An emergency room supervisortoldusWednesday night that everyone isback home and OK.

ASP informed THV11 that troopers suspect the school bus was stopped in the westbound lane of traffic to let students off of the bus when the crash happened. Public information officer Bill Sadler said a utility pumper truck was struck in the rear by a log truck that failed to stop, causing the pumper truck to hit the rear of the school bus.

Neighbor Keith Bell said that he came across the accident when returning home Wednesday afternoon.

"Of course, when you first see the bus and all the lights, you kind of get shocked you know because you think children are hurt," Bell said. "They had all the students out of the bus, and they had walked over. They had them over the shade trees over here away from the highway."

Bell said the elementary-age students appeared to be OK; they werejust a little shaken up.

"I didn't see too much crying; a lot of talking, a lot of them holding one another, scared. They were young, little ones mostly," Bell said.

He added that there were some anxious parents, but everyone was just thankful for no serious injuries.

"Well sure, yeah. I'm glad they weren't my children, but I'm glad other people's children were fine you know," Bell said.

THV 11spoke with the driver of the logging truck off-camera. He was OK andexplained thathe didn't see the stopped school bus aheadin the trafficwith the pumper truck in between. No word yet on if any charges will be filed in this case.

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