LITTLE ROCK, (KTHV) -- More than 46 million children in the U.S. participate in sports each year. Statistics show one in every three will get hurt. But thanks to a local clinic, many of those kids are getting back on the field or court quicker.

Thousands of football fans will spend most Friday nights under stadium lights this fall.

But it's also where some young players will get hurt.

The Benton Panther's football coach Scott Neathery says the training, the intense pressure on muscles, and not properly stretching can all be to blame.

He explains, "In football it is every day. It is always something. Whether it is a twisted ankle or a shoulder knocked down or a knee or anything. It is almost every day that you have something."

But it's not just football players. There's also been an increase in female athletes showing up at emergency rooms across Arkansas.

Doctor Jonathan Wyatt withOrtho Arkansas says,"I think that the statistics show that girls may be a little bit higher risk of injuries with our basketball an soccer players. I think those are kind of more common."

Sports season means busy season for Doctor Wyatt and his team.
With only beinga few weeks into the school year, and already their appointments are filling up.

Dr. Wyatt says, "Appropriate technique with football players, tackling the right way. Playing the game the right way helps prevent injuries."

Every year three million kids get hurt in the U.S. playing sports and the majority of those end up in the emergency room, many with severe injuries.

The most common injuriesaresprains, fractures, contusions, and concussions.

To help get students back on the field and court Ortho Arkansas offers a Saturday morning clinic.

"They can get in and can avoid a trip to the emergency room. We can check them out. We can evaluate them and determine if they need further testing or treatment," says Wyatt.

Coach Neathery appreciates that being offered.

"Just as a dad, as a person you hate it to see your kids get hurt. Let's get the protocol and get them back in the game or let's get them to where they can play," explains Neathery.

Contact Ortho Arkansas:

10301 Kanis Road
Little Rock, Arkansas 72205

Local: 501-604-6900
Toll-Free: 1-800-264-5633

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