LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - The first Little Rock Razorback game of the year is almost here and Razorback fans are ready, but mixed reactions are popping up after Coach Bret Bielema made a statement that some would consider just plain wrong.

"I know it's a home game on our schedule, but we as coaches and players have to treat it as a road game," he said on Monday.

"I don't really take it personally as far as his comments, but I can see where a lot of people might consider that," reflected Razorback fan Roby Russell.

"This is a home game, and I don't understand the terminology of it being a road game," objected Benjamin Johnson, another Razorback fan.

It is a topic fans all over central Arkansas are talking about. Several callers voiced their opinion on 103.7's "Overtime" show Thursday afternoon.

"It is unique that it's the only college institution at this level that has basically 3 home stadiums," explained radio host Trey Schapp.

In addition to Bielema's comment, fans are also reacting to Athletic Director Jeff Long saying no negotiations are planned regarding future football games in Little Rock's War Memorial Stadium.

"I am worried about it a bit because I have been on both sides, as far as Fayetteville games, and here? I like the excitement here better. I think the fans get up a little bit better," Russell added.

The future may be unpredictable, but one thing Razorback fan Benjamin Johnson is sure of, is how Coach Bielema will feel after playing on Little Rock's turf.

"Once he gets here and finds out what's going on in Little Rock and how we support him and how we support in all endeavors, whether it be football or basketball then I think he'll get on board to understand that this is a home game," Johnson said.

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