LUBBOCK, Texas (CNN) - Motherhood is universal... Even between two animals who don't always get along.

A Texas woman who took in three kittens was shocked when her dog took over, nursing the kittens like they were her own.

"She basically adopted them and they are her babies," said pet owner Shannon Torrez.

It's an unlikely relationship that happened purely by chance.

"Tuesday morning, I got a call from a friend of mine that three kittens had been dropped off on her front porch."

Shannon went and picked the kittens up... Thinking she was going to have to feed them for a few weeks before adopting them out. But when she came home, her dog Asia wouldn't allow that to happen.

"I put them in a box with her, you know, watched her just to make sure nothing would happen. She began taking care of them, cleaning them, nursing them, she is very protective, very attentive to them," said Torrez.

The kittens are currently three weeks old, and Shannon expects to keep them for another month before they are adopted out. But the situation is still astonishing.

"They got the hang of it, and she has no problem with them and they all fight like brothers and sisters too," Torrez said.