SALT LAKE CITY, Texas (CNN) - A father in Utah says his teenage daughter was in the habit of wearing shorts that were inappropriately short. So he went to "short lengths" to get her to dress more modestly.

Just before taking his family out to dinner, he took scissors to a pair of jeans, making some short shorts of his own and put them on.

Photos taken at the restaurant went viral.

"We had had plenty of arguments about it, and so that doesn't ever get you anywhere. So we decided to go with a more of a humorous route, and I knew she would take it well and in good spirits and think it was funny, and so it was more of just me making a statement, but doing it with a little bit of humor instead of a little bit of an argumentative attitude," said Scott Mackintosh.

The daughter didn't seem to mind that much. She told CNN's "New Day" she had some second-hand embarrassment for him but, "He rocks them."

In a blog, the dad says he doesn't think his "modest is hottest" lesson made the statement he intended, but at least she knows her dad loves her and cares enough to make a fool out of himself.

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