PINE BLUFF, Ark. (KTVH) -- Pine Bluff high school is filled with talent and not just in athletics. One senior is leaving her mark on the school in paint.

Bright colors and inspiration line the halls of Pine Bluff High School thanks to one student artist.

Ashley Gragg is finishing off her last year of high school and over the years has made sure her talent will not be forgotten. She says, "Everybody says they want to leave their mark on their school but I feel like I get to leave a real mark."

And that mark is her art. Ashley says, "Until they decide to paint over the walls, my name is on the building. That's a nice feeling."

But art wasn't always Ashley's gift. Most of her life she thought she was striving to reach a different goal. She says, "My 10th grade year my teacher used to always beg me, come to art club. And I was like "uh uh" I got track practice."

Ashley started as a track star, but later discovered her passion in art where she paints this mural that highlights the diverse student body of Pine Bluff High School. She says, "It's a nice feeling being able to contribute to the school...you get to leave your legacy."

Ashley painted these murals with hopes to inspire students now and in the future. Her murals also include faces and quotes from well-known African Americans throughout the hallways. She says, "Tupac was actually the first face that I did. And it turned out really good, so that's when I decided to go crazy and do like 10 faces."

She wanted to depict faces students of her generation could better relate to. She says, "We all know Martin Luther King, but Tupac that's somebody that we know, we listen to. When it's somebody you can actually relate to, you take more away from it."

Ashley plans to go to college next year for art and be recognized for her talent some day. She says, "And if I was to get famous on art, of course I won't forget where I came from, because people always talk down on PB but, I feel like it has a lot to offer. We are the leaders of tomorrow."

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