Have you ever thought about having a contorted willow tree in your backyard? If not, Lifestyle Expert Chris Olsen has some reasons for you to reconsider.

Use Contorted Willow
Let's say you are having a party and you are having guests come over and you have a
deck in your backyard and it looks kinda ugly.... but sometimes we have to have a deck because
of the elevation of our house. That's when a Contorted Willow can help.

We went ahead and found pieces that are about four to six foot long. You can buy Contorted Willow. You want it fresh because it's more pliable and you can bend it and use it a lot easier. You want to find it at your local florist or maybe your neighbor has one and if you prune it for free you have an endless supply. What we did is we actually stapled the Contorted Willow to each and every step. So now we have a beautiful look. Be careful because it's kind of hard to walk up and down - you don't want a real heavy travelled area to do this project - but this would sure look good if I am having a BarBQ for the Autumn season. Then we also did something else with the Contorted Willow. If you can't do the steps - why not staple it to your walls and have it growing up the wall. Add some Grey Spanish Moss and you have yourself a spooky look. Of course don't forget to always add your pumpkins and ghords - some mums and old aged Terra Cotta pots and like we did this old watering can - and you have a great look that I guarantee no one in your neighborhood has. Now use your imagination, expand it - and even add things like the green bamboo that we did just to give it that little contemporary twist.

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