SEARCY, Ark. (KTHV) - "I'll always remember that first dog," says Sam Young. He is a sweet dog that the Young family thought could do no harm. Wenoka Young explains, "Just disappeared one day. He was kind of an escape artist."

Dozer would find a way to leave the house and roam around the neighborhood, or that is what they thought was happening. Young says, "We got a call from someone who lived about 20 miles away from us, so we knew at that point, he had actually been stolen."

This would happen time and time again. So Wenoka Young decided she would get him neutered in case the thief was stealing him for breeding purposes. While she was there, she also had a microchip implanted.

Soon after, Dozer was gone yet again. Young explains, "Every animal we saw for four years, within a 20 mile radius, that even remotely resembled him, we would stop and check that animal out to see if it was Dozer."

Four yearshad goneby and just when the family had given up all hope, they got a phone call. Sam explains, "'We're looking for a Wynoka Young. We have a black lab named Dozer.' What? So we grab the phone and rush to Mom. You know, mom, mom, mom!"

The call came from Independence, Missouri. Dozer's microchip was identified him as the Young's pet. After an 8-hour car ride to pick up the black lab, 16-year-old Sam was thankful his mother took the time to invest in a microchip that brought the two best friends together again.

He says, "I can say that that was probably the only reason why I got my dog back."

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