LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV)- Mark Mundy says he can't keep the guns on the shelves at his gun store. Mundy teaches a concealed carry instructional course to many first time firearm users in Little Rock and he says enrollment is also increasing.

Saturday's concealed carry course was filled with mostly older Little Rock residents who tell THV they're interested in self-protection. "Men learn at a young age how to handle a gun and women sometimes are not," says Donna Gilmer who signed up to overcome her fear of guns. ""My family is more of gatherers, not hunters."

Mundy teaches students about handgun safety and looks at Arkansas' concealed carry laws. Later, each student drives to a gun range and practices firing weapons. "It's kind of a breakthrough. When people don't know how to use handguns and we go through the fundamentals of it you can see as they're shooting that they all of a sudden just get it," Mundy adds. "I also teach that a handgun is not you're first line of defense. It's always your last resort."

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