BURLINGTON, VT (CNN) -- Chocolate lovers, here's something that might just make you drool. More than 229 pounds of chocolate and peanut butter were combined to make one gigantic peanut butter cup. No, it's not wishful thinking. It's deliciously real.

Nick Monte with the Village Chocolate Shoppe says, "I'm a peanut butter fan... And we found that there's really no set record for a peanut butter cup."

There may be one soon though if Nick Monte's plan works. He been making candies for decades and hasn't tried anything like this before.

Friday night it was go big or go home. They're turning a homemade mold into a giant peanut butter cup. Monte says, "The only concern we have is that all the weight might push the mold apart."

Only time would tell. First, the inner layer of milk chocolate is poured on pitcher by pitcher, then the peanut butter cream filling as the smells wafted through the growing crowd.

Each pitcher and each bowl is carefully weighed and recorded by town officials. Then the top coat to seal the deal.

And the final test could it stand on its own? yes it can!

It's an impressive peanut butter cup. The cup is 59 and a half inches wide, an impressive 70.1 pounds of chocolate, and 159.7 pounds of peanut butter on the inside. All total weighing in at 229.8 pounds of candy glory.

All profits from selling the pieces are going to Project Against Violent Encounters, a local organization helping violence survivors. Linda Campbell with PAVE says, "It's a great awareness for PAVE but also most of our money comes through federal and state dollars, and that doesn't begin to cover all of our services."

A sweet success the shop hopes will officially make it into the record books.

And it was sweet success for the village chocolate shop. That impressive treat now holds the record for the "world's largest peanut butter cup."

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