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Despite shutdown, taxes are due Tuesday
Despite the federal government shutdown, many taxpayers are on the hook to write Uncle Sam a check this Tuesday. Oct. 15 is the filing deadline for more than 12 million individuals who in April requested a six-month extension on their 2012 taxes. The agency said that many of them have yet to file their 1040's for last year. "Payments accompanying paper and e-filed tax returns will be accepted and processed as the IRS receives them," the Internal Revenue Service said in a statement ahead of the deadline.

USA Truck files lawsuit against Knight Transportation for breach of contract
USA Truck Inc. of Van Buren has filed a breach of contract lawsuit against Knight Transportation Inc., the company that is attempting to take over USA Truck. The lawsuit, filed in Crawford County Circuit Court, alleges that Knight "improperly" used USA Truck's confidential information "to begin a creeping hostile acquisition of USA Truck at a price that the Board has unanimously concluded does not reflect the Company's full intrinsic value," according to a statement from USA Truck.

Cadillac's plug-in car to cost $76,000

When the Cadillac ELR goes on sale early next year, prices for the two-door plug-in car will start at $75,995. Factoring in a $7,500 federal tax credit for plug in vehicles, the ELR will effectively cost about $68,500. At that price, the ELR would cost somewhat more than the fully electric Tesla Model S. A Tesla with a 265 mile driving range costs $72,400, after the tax credit, while one with a 208 mile range costs just $62,400.

Apparently this matters: Billionaire uses flip phone
My dad still uses an old flip phone. It's gray. It's clunky. And its two ringtone choices are an early recording of Greensleeves or a dramatic poetry slam by Grover Cleveland. But it works for him. And that's all that matters. Besides, how proletarian could it possibly be when even the billionaire owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, uses one?

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