PHOENIX, AZ (CNN) -- A man proposing to his girlfriend decides October provided him with a perfect opportunity. The man arranged for a group of zombies to help him propose to his girlfriend at a haunted house in Phoenix, Arizona.

Stephanie hill has no idea what's coming, but her boyfriend does. A local Phoenix TV crew told her it was National Haunted House Day. She's going to get scared at the 13th floor and get a bigger surprise from her boyfriend nick showman: a ring, if she can get through the zombies and the clowns.

So Nick and Stephanie went through the first half of the 13th Floor. All you could hear were the screams. They ended up in Zombieland. The zombies had them pinned down, stuck on a bridge no one takes. Nick stumbled, the zombies right on him. From above, a zombie swept by dropping an arm with a ring.

Amongst the zombies, Nick popped the questions and Stephanie answered "Yes!" Stephanie says, "I didn't know what he was doing. He just sort of stopped, and I'm like, 'What are you doing? There are zombies! Let's go."

Turns out Nick does know his fiancé pretty well. She says, "Yeah, best way to ever, ever do it. I love that."

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