NEW YORK (CNN) -- New Yorkers are known for their love of art. But many missed an opportunity when a popular street artist offered his work at bargain basement prices.

The British street artist Banksy strikes again. The idea is bringing art to the people in unexpected ways. This time it was on a random street corner in Queens, New York.

Within hours, fans of all ages pose next to a stencil quoting Russell Crowe's sword-fighting general from the Hollywood blockbuster Gladiator, "what we do in life echoes in eternity." Banksy fan Bea McMonagle says, "It's historical in many ways and I just want her to have that later on in life. To look back on. She could say she got a photo taken in front of an original Banksy that's no longer in existence."

Banksy is famous for being anonymous surprising audiences with his politically-themed art which pops up on buildings in cities around the world including here on Israeli security walls in the West Bank.

Within hours, Banksy has turned this street corner in a neighborhood in Queens into an open-air art exhibit of sorts. The irony is, just a few days ago, fans could have bought one of his original canvases for just $60.

On Sunday, Banksy unveiled this video showing an elderly unidentified man selling his stencils along New York's Central Park. He waited all day yet only three people bought his art for a total of four hundred twenty dollars bargain-basement prices in the high-priced world of art. Alex Benrimon says, "I think this was to poke fun at collectors and different buyers of his works. People like me."

Alex Benrimon is a collector who plans to auction off earlier banksy artwork for tens of thousands of dollars apiece. Benrimon says, "He's always about being accessible and being open to the public, and doing things for the city, for the culture."

Every day this month, Banksy has said he will unveil a new piece of art in New York, their authenticity confirmed on his website.

Like this truck full of puppet animals in the meat-packing district.

But missing this opportunity to buy Banksy's art for next to nothing is driving some of his most loyal fans crazy. Fan Jacqueline Hadel says, "I think what Banksy did is brilliant. I think he really made a statement yesterday."

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