LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A car was shot up in Little Rock with two young children inside Monday night near Baseline Road. The shaken mother sat down with THV11 Tuesday to talk about what happened after bullets rained down on her car.

Although the family escaped the incident with no major injuries, Amanda Holcomb's 5-year-old son was cut by flying glass, and her 3-year-old is now plagued with nightmares. Once you see the car they were driving, you'll understand why her 3-year-old can't sleep.

On Monday night, Holcomb stopped by an Exxon on Baseline Road. She said a car pulled in front of her, went around the parking lot, and fired several shots at her car.

"He shot the back windows out. That's where my kids were," she said, describing the frightening scene. "He shot 15 times, and there were about four bullets--there was one in the head wrests behind the passenger seat right in front [my 3-year-old's] face,"

Holcomb said it was an even closer call for her 5-year-old.

"My other son--the glass, when it busted out, it shattered all over his neck and his back," she continued.

A clerk inside the store told police the shortly before the shooting, he overheard a man talking inside his store, telling another man 'I stay strapped.' That's slang, meaning he had gun on him. The clerk said the man then showed the other man his weapon.

Holcomb said she does know one of the men that the clerk described.

With their lives intact, Holcomb said she'll keep her sons close and try to explain to them that sometimes bad things do happen but admits that no one in her home will be able to sleep well until the bad guys are caught.

'This son right here didn't even go to sleep last night. He said 'Mom, don't put me down because someone's going to kill me,'" Holcomb added.

Police called the shooting a terroristic act. They were able to track down the car the perpetrators drove, but the owner said she loaned the car 'to some guy'. The perpetrators still on the run, and police need your help.

If you saw anything or know who may have done this, please call the Little Rock Police Department at (501) 371-4621.

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