According to a study at University of Illinois, people from 48 countries rated happiness as being more important than purpose, wealth and even getting into heaven. Psychology Today reports unhappy people share these five bad habits:

  • Try to be happy all the time
  • Wait for perfection to be happy
  • Put too much attention on the details
  • Tolerate envious friends
  • Deny negative emotions

Linda Markt, author and happiness coach, joined THV11 This Morning with a "GREAT" Formula for Living Happy for the Rest of Your Life:

Go for your dreams- inspire yourself with a vision that is bigger than any excuse.

Risk - Sprinkle some zest with adventure and excitement to break up your routine.

Exercise - to energize your health, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Appreciate -the little things. Have a positive and grateful attitude.

Today - take advantage of technology, teaching and cutting edge ideas.

Linda Markt is the author of How to Be Happy for the Rest of Your Life, and a happiness coach who specializes in working with retired clients or those getting ready to retire into a life of abundance and joy.

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