ATLANTA, GA (CNN) -- The search is on for a driver caught on camera causing a multi-car crash then fleeing the scene.

News cameras were rolling when the man behind the wheel was spotted slumped over and stopped in the middle of the road before the wreck.

Atlanta-area reporter Liz Artz was one of the first to call police. She said to 911, "He's either drunk or very sick. Something is clearly wrong with him."

She called 911 after she passed this dodge pickup truck on the Buford Connector Saturday afternoon, stopped in a lane of traffic the truck was running and this man sat slumped over and drooling. Other drivers noticed the man too.

A Georgia Department of Transportation HERO Unit eventually showed up and tried to wake the man and take his keys. That's when the two got in a scuffle and with cameras rolling the driver sped off nearly hitting the hero worker.

Channel 2 photographers stayed on the truck as he smashed into two cars causing a chain reaction that resulted in a five car accident.

Michael McKinnon's BMW was in the middle of it all. He says, "It was really scary and I just looked over and made sure Erica was OK."

But it wasn't over yet. Atlanta police had still not arrived to the scene. The HERO worker made one more attempt to stop the man. He managed to get the key out of the truck and that's when the driver took off.

You can see him climb a tree and jump a barbed wire fence. Police arrived a short time after the driver fled.

Police still have not found the driver. No one was seriously injured in the accident.

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