CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (CBS/WCAV) - Never before seen outtakes from the original Star Wars trilogy are going viral, and the man who found the gem isn't from a galaxy far far away, he lives in central Virginia.

Star Wars fanatic Charlie Owen took a risk and landed the ultimate collector's item, never before seen outtakes from "The Return of the Jedi".

It's put the Star Wars world into a frenzy. When he posted the video online, it took off. And it all started when friends of the collector made him aware of the laserdisc for sale on eBay. He says, "So I thought, alright, it's $700, I'll buy it. We'll see what happens. It arrives. Put the disk in, 30 minutes. 30 minutes of footage never, ever seen before."

Yes, on a laserdisc, technology that died out nearly 30 years ago and there's no other laserdisc like Charlie's.

Charlie Owen has no intentions of selling this LaserDisc. He is just an avid collector. In fact, he's already turned down a $10,000 offer. He says, "Save it. Just go in my collection with all of my other stuff. I'll probably have to get a lock box for it now. I wouldn't sell it. I am a collector. I'm not in it to make any money."

He's a collector wanting to share his find with other Star Wars fans on Facebook. He says, "All of a sudden people are going nuts for it. Post more! Post more! Post more! I thought alright, I'll post a few clips here and there and see how it goes."

And in just one week, there are close to 28,000 fans looking for more video clips and Charlie is also getting his turn in the spotlight. He says, "A couple of days later I was on CNN, SkyNews, Fox, Yahoo, Mashable, Gizmodo. I thought, this is what going viral feels like."

And it's not over yet. Frenzied Star Wars fans are waiting for more never seen clips of Yoda and Luke. But for Charlie, it's a special piece in his Star Wars collection.

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