LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - How do you make the perfect cup of coffee? Stephanos Mylonas, part-owner of Mylo Coffee Co. on Kavenaugh Blvd., has the answer, and apparently brewing the perfect cup of coffee only takes 2.5 minutes.

To see this phenomenon, check out the video attached to this story.

How do you get the perfect roast on a coffee bean? These are steps taken to ensure the perfect cup of coffee every time.


Coffee cherry growing and processing is a hugely important, elaborate and labor intensive process. A good cup of coffee owes most of its quality to the coffee farmer and the choices he took to grow/process his cherries. Higher elevation coffee takes longer to mature(due to environmental stresses) and has more desirable flavor characteristics.


Each green bean has a range of roasts that highlight/elevate the qualities of the bean. The coffee roaster needs to experiment with different roasts and 'cup' each one. 'Cupping' as often as possible results in better understanding of the beans you are working with and helps the roaster to improve his roast. Roasted beans should be brewed 2-12 days from roast day.


Grinding right before the brew is paramount. Finest grind (espresso) have as little as 20 seconds before extraction.


Our brewing method is the pour-over which we will be demonstrating on set.

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