Think one wreath is enough for your front door this holiday? Chris Olsen has some reasons for you to add more.

Welcome to my "non-home" - I wish I lived here but I don't. It's a beautiful house and what I love about this house is what they did with the front door and around the front door.

It is so clean and so natural, it's all beautiful, fresh evergreens. There is nothing fake here. Instead of doing the one wreath there is three.

Now this is made out of boxwood. Now you can make these yourself if you want, but do you really have the time? Most garden centers, especially mom and pop garden centers will specialize in making different types of wreaths and garlands. Boxwood is great because even when it dries out it looks wonderful. And, what is really wonderful about it is there is not much clean up. It doesn't drop leaves or needles. I really like that.

Now around the door you might notice the garland. There is something a little bit different about this garland. Take a close look. It's thick and wide for fresh garland. Usually fresh garland is real thin. Here is the secret: you take it and you take two strands and you twist them together. Now you have one big thick strand of garlands which is to scale with this front porch. Of course you always want to add lights - you can do old fashioned colored lights - but this house is a little bit more traditional so this homeowner loves the white miniature lights. That's all you have at this front porch.

Decorate with two great pots with agave for a different feel and your house is ready for holiday parties and your family.

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