NEW YORK (CNN) -- CNN Money's Maribel Aber has your top business and financial news on this Friday, November 15.

Dillards' 3Q profit up 5 percent to $50.9M
Dillard's Inc. of Little Rock on Thursday reported third-quarter net income of $50.9 million, up 5 percent from $48.5 million in the same quarter last year. Earnings per share reached $1.13, up 12 percent from $1.01 in the same quarter last year. Same store sales rose 1 percent, the department store chain said, making it 13 consecutive quarters of same-store sales growth for the company. "Another positive comparable store sales increase and expense control highlighted our third quarter at Dillard's, as did our aggressive execution of $187 million of share buyback," CEO William Dillard II said in a news release.

Startup weekend set for Fayetteville beginning Friday
Northwest Arkansas will host Startup Weekend beginning Friday and running through Sunday at the Iceberg co-working space in downtown Fayetteville. Sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation, Startup Weekend represents a grassroots movement that was started in Seattle and is now held in cities across the globe. It brings together local entrepreneurs who collaborate and create startup ideas over a span of a weekend. Participants pitch their ideas and teams form organically around the top ideas, determined by popular vote. From there, teams have 54 hours to create a business model. Judges determine winners, to whom cash prizes and in-kind services are awarded. Most Startup Weekend teams are tech-based, but startup ideas of all kinds are welcome.

8 must-have holiday toys
Skyrocket Toys' newest creation gives "glow in the dark" a whole new meaning. This 18-inch, slithering "Mecha-Pede" has 28 animated legs, blinking LED eyes and light effects that mimic the creepy-crawly movements of a real millipede. If you want to take to the sky, four blades is always better than one. That's the thinking behind the Sky Viper Stunt Quadcopter, the latest flying machine from Skyrocket Toys. Thinkway Toys has released replicas of the Minion characters Dave, Stuart and Tim -- as well as a toy version of their popular gadget: the Fart Blaster. This 12-inch talking duck offers sage wisdom from the hit reality show "Duck Dynasty," such as "Just 'cause you're smart doesn't mean you're smart," and "Redneck rule #1: Most things can be fixed with extension cords and duct tape."

A self-driving Mini Cooper submarine for commuting on the L.A. River
You're late for a meeting in downtown Los Angeles and you're still all the way over in Burbank-13 miles and 45 stop-and-go minutes away by freeway. Instead, you walk a few blocks to the Los Angeles River, where you board a stylish pod-like watercraft. Soon, you're zipping down the river channel, faster than any vehicle on the 5 Freeway. This could be L.A.'s future, according to a concept by BMW Group DesignworksUSA for a waterborne Mini Cooper built to travel the local river system. Each year, the Los Angeles Auto Show has a theme for its Design Challenge, where it taps firms from around the world to dream up concept vehicles. The theme this year is "Biomimicry & Mobility 2025: Nature's Answer to Human Challenges," which, to the BMW Designworks team meant combining L.A.'s biggest transportation problem (traffic) with its greatest underutilized transportation asset (its rivers).

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