ARKADELPHIA, Ark. (KTHV) - The battle between Ouachita Baptist University (OBU) and Henderson State University (HSU) is in full swing. Saturday's game is the last of the season. Each school has been gearing up all week for an old tradition: the Battle of the Ravine.

It's the oldest division two rivalry in the U.S. and dates back to 1895.

"It's a really fun tradition and we set up bond fires and we sleep, we don't really sleep, we usually just stay up all night until about six," said Abby Lindsey, Junior Class Vice President at OBU.

The two schools are separated by just a two-lane road. So students can easily pull pranks on their rivals.

"People write on people's cars," said HSU sophomore Tranice Hayes. "'HSU sucks. OBU rocks... stuff like that."

HSU senior Kyle Douglas said beating OBU in swimming last month got him pumped up for the game.

"Now we get to go support the Henderson Football team, we're going to be even louder and crazier," he said.

Each school has covered its signs in plastic to protect them from the other school's paint attack. And they camp out at night to guard their campus icons: the fountain and the tiger.

"Any brave souls that do try to come over here, we take care of it," Lindsey said.

Each year, the visiting team dresses in their own locker room and walks across the street to play. This year's game will be played on OBU's field.

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